Top Reasons Why Church Security Should Be a Priority: APN Pastors Conference Call

On April, 12, 2018, the American Pastors Network conducted a special conference call for Pastors on the topic of church security.

Our culture is in desperate need of Christ and what better place to learn of Him than in the Church? But it comes with many questions and concerns for those who have been affected by or heard about violence and shootings in churches. Even pastors are asking:

  • Why do churches need security?
  • Must I turn my church into an armed fortress?
  • How can we reach out to people and dispel their fear when they sit in my church?
  • What should a church security plan look like?
  • Who should a church security plan involve?
  • How do I organize a church security plan?

These and other church security questions were addressed in this informative conference call with men who understand and practice church security. From church security consultants who have assisted churches in setting up a security plan and pastors whose churches have a security plan in place, to laymen who lead a church security team, this call covered the entire range of church security. Opportunities were given for participants to ask their own questions.

To listen to the recorded call, please click on the PLAY button below.



Hon. Sam Rohrer, President, APN

Dr. Keith Wiebe, Vice President of State Chapter Development


  • JR McGee – church security consultant
  • Adam Hock – church security consultant
  • Pastor Keith Wiebe, Jr – Pastor
  • Dan Turner – local church security team leader
  • Pastor Keith Carnahan – Pastor